Awnings Folding Arm


Our wide selection of folding arm awnings retracts into a streamline headbox and are virtually invisible when not in use.

Peninsula Curtains & Blinds can extend your outdoor living and entertainment areas with our folding arm awning installations. We have basic styles which are the perfect addition for areas with little wind present such as courtyards, providing excellent protection. Alternatively, we also have available a broad choice of cleverly designed awnings to withstand the toughest of treatments, up to 48kph winds. Additionally, these modern folding arm awnings provide benefits of reducing the sun’s penetration and absorbing the heat. All awnings can be motorised based upon your unique taste and home requirements.

Also, we have a sample range of hundreds of colour variations to browse to ensure there is a perfect fold-out awnings match for your home’s décor.

When in use folding arm awnings create a shaded area so you can still take pleasure in the outdoors without being exposed to the sun and harmful UV rays. Generally, our folding arm awnings are automated and installed with an intelligent sun and wind sensor. Consequentially, these awnings retract if the wind increases to a level where it may be damaged, and when wind diminishes the awning extends out again for complete protection.

– Extend your outdoor living & entertainment areas with increased coverage and shade.
– Cleverly designed awnings, which can withstand the harshest conditions. Including protection from winds up to 48kph due to the high-quality design.
– No intrusive posts needed, a clean look for your home is guaranteed.

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You can also view our gallery of products online. Simply head over to our external furnishing examples found here.