Celebrating 40 years!

Celebrating 40 years!

Peninsula Curtains and Blinds began in 1980 as a small home business founded by Managing Director Vic Bedin. Vic’s concept was to bring window furnishing ideas directly into customer’s homes using his newly developed mobile showroom. The instant popularity of this concept saw additional staff join the team and a new location. This was the start of a promising family business that continues today.

A year later in 1981, at just 16 years old, Vic’s son Mark joined the team at Peninsula Curtains and Blinds. Marks first job in the business was to cut the aluminum used to manufacture roller and vertical blinds. As this was a noisy job, Mark rode his bike to work early each morning so that it would be done before the rest of the staff arrived. As the business grew Mark began to fill other roles in the company including manufacturing blinds and soft furnishings and installation. Vic then taught his son the art of decorating and colour coordination and with this new skill, Mark went on the road measuring and quoting.

Mark was now involved in the entire process of an order, from measuring and quoting a job, to manufacturing it and finally the installation.

From his start in the workroom, Mark is now the Managing Director of Peninsula Curtains and Blinds. Skills learnt and developed over that time are taught to new employees, just as in the past. A continual commitment to improving the skills and knowledge of staff maintains Peninsula Curtains and Blinds position as an industry leader.